Triesta Marble

Marble From Egypt If you want a good look for your house or some wooden house, to be a little old-fashioned, marble tiles from Egypt can be great designed for you. Triesta marble are different, give a nicer look, and are more affordable. The very fact that something is from Egypt, everyone who hears it, will wish they had it. These are tiles that are made of marble, they are matte brown in color, they are not shiny, which gives elegance to those who deal with antique and wooden things. They give a nice and pleasant atmosphere, they are classic, they are not intrusive. They have the title of the most important Egyptian limestone. You have them in two colors, which you can buy, and these are brown tiles made of Sinai pearl, and gray tiles also made of Sinai pearl. You can order them in other shapes and sizes. They are used for floor tiles, and on the exterior cladding of the building. They are also used in the kitchen, the bathroom can be as a staircase, to be a different outdoor landscape. Decorate your surroundings with a different design and unique, special marble tiles. They are easy to install, and most importantly for everyone, they are easy to clean. They do not require maintenance that is daily. Unlike other tiles, these are long-lasting and more durable. Whatever project you are working on, they are available in various shapes and sizes. Do something different today. Trieste marbles are original, not demanding and not everyone knows how to set them. Call us if you want to do something with them, wherever you place them we can help you.